I’m back, and I’m giving Making Waves a makeover by adding an extra dimension to my writing. Still telling stories, still asking (often awkward) questions, still sometimes finding the answers, but now spelling out what — as a result of the experience — I am grateful for, what I’ve gained, and what I’ve appreciated along the way.

It’s been an interesting interlude since I last posted anything at all, and a lot has happened. A voyage of discovery, for sure, of both the self and the wider variety, and for a good chunk of it I’ve had the company of the amazing Katie Joy as my coach.

We have known each other for more than 10 years, our paths crossing here and there in the real world but mostly online, and it matters not a jot that I’m in Scotland and she’s in Western Australia. 

As others among her clients worldwide can also testify, she ain’t your average life and business coach. Just by doing this one simple exercise every single day I’ve felt my perspective change, my energy shift and — despite the unrelenting shitshow out there — my ability to ride storms various stay pretty steady.

I have Katie’s consent to share this concept with you and I hope you’ll explore giving it a go. Deceptively simple, it’s just one of many powerful yet practical tools punctuating the unique courses — and I use ‘unique’ with absolute confidence! — Katie has created to help you get clarity, abundance, and balance across your life. 

The object of this exercise is to shift your focus away from anything negative that’s happened in the previous 24 hours and look for the good stuff.

Not suggesting we all morph into Pollyanna, stick fingers in ears, and ‘la-la-la’ our irritating way through life, and yes, some days can of course be a real challenge.

But there is always something, always some diamond lurking amid the chaff of the darkest, hardest, grimmest day.  

So at bedtime, why not take out your diary or journal, look back at your day, and seek out the diamonds?

And then write down what…

  • You can be grateful for — something that maybe brought you insight or a fresh perspective, or perhaps gratitude for a kindness done to you, or a totally left-field wonderful surprise, or just a glorious sunny day, or (this has featured a lot during 2023!) a completely rain-free dog walk.
  • You’ve gained — something that has left you stronger, or feeling more balanced, or maybe something you learned, or something that has strengthened a bond, or something tangible that will enhance your life in some way, or perhaps winning a competition or maybe just getting paid.
  • You appreciate — can be anything really, but I like to focus on the more material things here, such as the soup I’ve just made from my veg box veggies, or a glass of wine with some dark choc, a great run, swim, or gym session, or catching up with my daughter, or meeting a mate for lunch. Sometimes dry dog walks can feature here as well!

In the context of Making Waves, I’ll mainly — though not always! — be focusing on one subject rather than one day, but the process is exactly the same.

What do you think? 

Image: Karen Laårk Boshoff from Pexels

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