Find your voice and stay true to your values

Working with me

create a home from home for your customers

  what exactly is ethical marketing and PR?

I think of it like this.

It’s where your head and your heart meet in your business, a way of connecting successfully with your customers while staying true to who you are.

Of course, no one box fits us all when it comes to being true to who we are, but to work well together our values need to largely align and you’ll be in business to make some kind of difference, not just to make pots of money and buy stuff.

I love working with brilliant people behind brilliant SMEs who may be afraid to shake off their corporate masks and share their true selves with the world. They’re people who come from a place of integrity, people who want to reflect who they are in every corner of their life and have nothing to hide. People who, like me, will always cherish and defend their core values.

People who have, since early 2020, maybe found themselves in a very strange place.

My clients are B2B and B2C — I work direct with both types of business and also meet them via like-minded digital, marketing, and PR agencies.

Any of this resonate? Great — please read on!

Yes, but what do you actually do, Eugenie?

Here’s the thing.

AI’s out there, and you and I both know AI is out there. It’s smart, it’s seductive, and has its place.

And yes, you can use ChatGPT and other bots to create a whole ocean of written content in minutes. And yes, a lot of it will read well — surprisingly, engagingly well.

But your AI-derived content can only repurpose what already exists. ChatGPT can’t start from scratch, it isn’t sentient, it has no imagination, no original thought, and it can’t connect human to human.

What can I offer you instead?

I’m a marketing and PR professional with a journalist’s eye and ear for a story and a certified SEO writer with the content creation skills to produce great copy that ticks everyone’s boxes.

With a background as a national newspaper journalist and 15+ years in marketing, PR, corporate comms, and reputation management, I know what makes compelling content that connects with your customers while also jumping through the SEO hoops.

And I tell stories with empathy, energy, and soul, not algorithms.

I can advise on marketing and PR campaigns for digital and print, and I create written content — long-form and short-form — for web and social, along with press releases and promotional copy for all types of collateral. I drill really deep, too: helping you identify your ideal customer is the cornerstone.

Need something editing? Try me with live news and features, print and digital newspapers, magazines, and newsletters, other digital content, books, policy docs, and academic papers.

And yes, I’ll say upfront that I do use AI — to explore angles, test ideas, cover a lot of ground super-fast.

But then the real me takes over to create all the connections that matter, human to human.

Put it this way….

You know those businesses that keep drawing you back, that make you feel like you’ve arrived in the right place? The ones that talk your language, reflect what’s important to you back to you?

The ones where the energy is good. The ones that feel like home.

Let me help you draw your customers back to you, time and again. Let me help you create a home from home for them. Together, we’ll tease out and tell your story, find your true voice, and give you the confidence to stay aligned to your values right across all your marketing, PR, and other business communications.

I’ll work 1-2-1 with you, and how we do that is up to you. No one size fits all — let’s see what works best for your business and your budget.


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