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Let me help you draw your customers back to you, time and again

So what exactly is ethical marketing and PR?

I think of it like this.

It’s where your head and your heart meet in your business, a way of connecting successfully with your customers while staying true to who you are.

Of course, there’s no one box that fits us all when it comes to being true to who we are — we all have different values, different drivers, different priorities.

But for us to work together, it means you’ll be aware of our global responsibilities as human beings — to each other, to the other species sharing our planet, and to the planet itself. You’re in business because you want to make some kind of difference, and you really care what your customers and suppliers think about you and say about you.

Now we’ve established that, let’s see how I can help you…

First, please take a step back and you show me how you are marketing your business at the moment.

I really hope this isn’t what I see…

Flat, corporate branding and soulless messaging, a bit of hype, maybe some scarcity, a lot of detail about products or services, and absolutely no personality. With too many businesses, there’s nothing to tell me who is talking to me, what makes them tick, why they’re doing what they’re doing, their values, their ethics, their passion. Why I should trust them.

It’s what they’ve been told marketing looks like, they feel they should do it this way, and they’re afraid that by being themselves they’re not ‘being professional’.

But this isn’t true. We all know businesses that keep drawing us back, that make us feel like we’ve arrived in the right place. The ones that talk our language, reflect what’s important to us back to us. The ones where the energy is good. The ones that feel like home.

Let me help you draw your customers back to you, time and again. Let me help you create a home from home for them. Together, we’ll tease out and tell your story, find your true voice and give you the confidence to stay aligned to your values right across all your marketing, PR and other business communications.

I’ll work 1-2-1 with you, and how we do that is up to you. With my Finding Focus one-day consulting package, we can lay the foundations and get you started on your ethical marketing journey, or we can put together a strategy that’s tailored just for you. More details below.

Just to be clear: going the ethical marketing and PR route does not mean we won’t be exploring all the best tools for you to use to take your message to your customers. We’ll look at digital in its multiple guises, we’ll look at good old-fashioned print and post, and we’ll look at PR and how a smart media strategy can amplify everything else you’re doing many times over. 

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