Find your voice and stay true to your values


business based on integrity

Photo portrait of Eugenie Verney

We’re living in interesting times, that’s for sure.
Between the constantly moving goalposts, the drama, and the dodgy ‘fact checkers’, some days can definitely be a challenge!

And that’s why I’ve made a professional choice based on my personal ethics.

I now choose to work only with people who also question everything. People who want to reflect who they are in every corner of their lives and have nothing to hide. People who are driven by authenticity and helping others while working towards their personal ‘why’.
People who, like me, are not in business just to make money and acquire more stuff but want to make an actual difference.

People who want customers they respect and who respect them, customers whose values and ethics they share. 

Sound like you? If this resonates and you’ve had enough of trying to pretend you’re someone you’re not, let’s talk!

What is ethical marketing and PR?

Ethical marketing and PR is where your head and your heart meet in your business, a way of connecting successfully with your customers while staying true to who you are.

Put it this way: do you know a business that keeps drawing you back? One that makes you feel like you’re in exactly the right place. A business that talks your language, reflects what’s important to you right back to you, one where the energy is good. The one that feel like home.

Yes? That’s what ethical marketing and PR can do for you too — draw your customers back to you, time and again.

It’s the logical extension of everything else you’re doing to make sure your business remains true to your values while using all the best marketing tactics and tools you need to be seen and heard in your marketplace.


I’m a marketing and PR professional on a mission.

Too many brilliant businesses undersell themselves because they’re frightened to come out from behind their corporate masks and tell their customers who they are and what they stand for.

With a background in print journalism from back when people still bought daily papers, I know what makes a good story and how to tell it to best effect. That’s what I’m here to do: help find the stories behind those brilliant businesses and inspire their owners to share them with the world.

A story’s only worth telling if there’s somewhere to tell it, and with more than 15 years experience as a marketing and public relations consultant, copywriter, and certified SEO content creator I know how to make that happen too.