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About me

You’re no doubt here because you’re interested in my professional credentials, so here goes…

Many moons ago, I was something called a Fleet Street journalist.

I learned my craft there as a reporter and sub-editor, working for — among others — The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mail, and the Daily Mirror.

Back then you worked hard, had to meet high standards and rigorous deadlines, and you played hard. And as a woman, you had to rise above the everyday misogyny that came with the job — all that stuff that sadly still makes the headlines.

I’d like to think I managed it well, emerging with sound solid writing and editing skills, a super-sharp nose for good story, and a now somewhat unfashionable reflex to check all the facts.

Once a journalist, always a journalist in so many ways, but I left the frontline after 30 years and discovered what life was like at the news generating end of the relationship — in my case, local government corporate communications, reputation management, and media relations.

Same skill set, different purpose, a lot of hairy moments!

Then I took a deep breath and stepped away from being an employee and have been running a marketing and PR consultancy since 2008. Over the years, I’ve worked with an eclectic mix of clients, key among them growing SMEs, entrepreneurs, and charities, as well as digital, PR, and other marketing agencies.

I’ve invested a very significant amount of time, money and effort in keeping my skills bang up to date and one of the greatest benefits of having that depth of knowledge is that I know when I don’t have the answer. That’s when I turn to my brilliant network of digital, design, print and other professionals and together there are few very challenges we can’t meet!

So where’s the ethical fit into all this? At the heart of it.

I have always been open and honest, but I’ve seen so much borderline dishonest and definitely manipulative marketing and PR that I am now fully committed to working only with business owners who — like me — want to be fully authentic with their customers. Just as I am being with you. (More about what I can do for you here…)

When I take off my professional hat you’ll find me spending as much time as I can outdoors, walking or running and usually with my dog, or open water swimming (without the dog!). Whatever the weather, this is my happy place. (More about all this in my Making Waves blog here…)

A couple of unexpected facts to finish with: I have a Masters degree in employment law from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and in 2001 I co-founded the Ythan Challenge, which was Scotland’s first multi-terrain adventure race and took place every June until 2019.