One brief flurry of activity apart, I have added nothing to this blog since Megan Macedo’s 2020 writing challenge.
That was never my plan, but as last year’s 21-day roller coaster of words drew to a close in late February, the coronavirus storm clouds were well and truly gathering.
And we all know what came next.
It’s not that I’ve been short of ideas, but I have been short of courage — ironically the topic I chose last year. Will I overcome that over the coming weeks? I honestly don’t know: this is the easy part — the signing up and getting set — but if I’m honest I committed pretty much literally at the 11th hour, driven in the end by FOMO.
I was not — and still am not — confident I have the emotional wherewithal to make it to the end, and I do have form here: I dropped out of Megan’s 2019 challenge on what now feel like the rather flimsy and petulant grounds that nobody wanted to hear from me anyway. This time the fragility is purely the product of 12 months living in a world threaded through with cognitive dissonance.
But let’s park all that for now and lean right over towards robust half-full and see how it goes.
My theme this time is ‘transience’ which just delivered itself from pen onto page as I was making some notes watching Megan’s course introduction. Transience of course comes in all manner of shapes and sizes, and has myriad close relations and opposing partners. I haven’t a clue where this will lead — as ever, Megan gives us our daily prompts and we take these as our hooks, creating one piece of writing a day.

Tomorrow I will bring you Day 1 of these 21 Days of Transience — what that will look like is, right now, anyone’s guess…

Image: Carsten Huels from FreeImages