And, of course, it’s happened again: an entire year has been and gone and it takes Megan Macedo and her annual writing challenge to drag me back to my Making Waves blog.

It’s been an interesting 12 months in all respects, some of which I may touch on in the coming weeks and some of which I almost certainly won’t. Either way I have absolutely no idea where this year’s twists and turns will lead us.

Just as I did last year, I prevaricated and procrastinated, and came up with multiple justifications for not signing up this time, until our old friend FOMO once again backed me into a corner and overrode fear of failure. Or rather, I’ve forgiven myself in advance if — as happened in 2019 — I don’t, for whatever reason, complete the challenge this time.

But let’s go with half-full here…

My theme this year is The Crossing of Wires, sitting under the wider theme of ‘letters’ which will deliver the energy behind the 21 prompts Megan will be giving us every day.

We launch tomorrow, and right now I can’t begin to guess what any of this is going to look like, but I hope you’re up for joining me as we find out.

Image: Karolina from Pexels