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Why I’m not buying into Big Pharma’s five a day…

I don’t want to believe this depressing statistic, but sadly I do. Nearly half of all adults aged 65+ in the UK take at least FIVE prescription drugs a day, according to a survey of 15,000 people by the Cambridge Institute of Public Health published earlier this...
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A hard lesson in humility — and a new SUP role model…

I’m fairly regularly asked ‘why do you DO all that stuff?’, and I have to say there were several moments — indeed, a whole collection of moments — during my latest stand-up paddleboarding experience when I had absolutely no idea… I’ve been SUPing for a while now and...
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Back to the future in Belgrade…

For my first post, I'm on the road and there's no specific theme here — just thoughts I wanted to share... The first things that get packed when I’m on the move are my running gear and my swimming things. Once they’re all safely in the bag, everything else can go in....
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Eugenie Verney, maker of waves

Official title: PR and communications consultant, writer, journalist
True title: status quo challenger, boundary pusher, happier outdoors than in…



I’m here because I want to help empower other women.

If that’s you, I want to help you discover — just I have — that you don’t need to be constrained by ideas you’ve had about yourself, about what’s expected of you, about what you may believe is and isn’t doable.

Especially when you’re over 50.

I want to share ideas, share my own story, and above all my passion for being physical, being at one with my body, whether that’s through my running, my open water swimming, through ski-ing, stand-up paddleboarding (my newest passion), yoga, or plain old-fashioned walking.

And for the avoidance of doubt, I haven’t always been this way:

  • I bunked off gym at school and was kicked out of netball
  • I smoked my way through my 20s and into my 30s
  • I also drank way too much and ate a lot of crap.

No child sporting prodigy, then, and definitely not a model of abstinence. In fact, I wasn’t at all kind to my body for a long time.

And so many of us — men as well as women — do seem to view our bodies as though they’re not really anything to do with us. And in a way that is true: I fully accept that we are not just the physical body, not the mind, not our thoughts nor our emotions. We’re something way beyond that.

But the fact is that while we’re living this life, we have no choice but to do it from within our bodies. So it makes sense to respect them, pay attention to them, handle them with care, treat them with love, make them part of the whole.

And now I’m well past the immortal stage, all that drives me is staying fit, staying healthy and seeking out fresh adventures.

Want to see what’s possible?


PS Just so you know, I don’t always toe the line around what makes for optimal health and wellbeing, and I can sometimes be a bit controversial…

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